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We’ve made things better!

We’re always up for improving our services and that includes how our customers use our website. Over the past couple of months we’ve made some changes to our website to improve our customer’s experience and we’re so happy with them. We’re always thinking about the client’s experience, so we reviewed the site to make it… Read More

Helping your child prepare financially for university

There comes a time in a lot of parents’ lives when their son or daughter is ready to head off to university. Aside from the pride and elation you feel, there is also the financial worry. You want to support your child on one of their first independent ventures, and here are some ways you… Read More

Introducing Our New Pages

This month we are buzzing as we welcome several new pages to our site, so we thought introducing them on our blog was the perfect way to announce the additions! Following feedback from our valued users, we found that people wanted more information about household utilities and how BeeMyMinder could help. We got our worker… Read More

5 Ways To Cut The Cost Of Motoring

As well as safety and reliability, there are several things you need to take into account when choosing a car, including the cost of running one! When thinking about costs of owning/keeping a car, many often just think about fuel consumption, but there’s a lot more to it! You need to consider the costs of keeping… Read More

How To Get The Best Deal On Your Car Insurance

Are you paying more than you should for your car insurance? Maybe you’re a creature of habit and have been stuck with the same provider for years? At first it may seem like a chore, but spending that extra time on car insurance providers could save you (in some cases) hundreds! There are a few… Read More