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Pros and cons of having a joint bank account

If you’re living with your partner and hoping to save up some money together for an event or a holiday or just deciding to share your expenses equally, it is worth considering opening a joint bank account. There are pros and cons to this and we’re here to tell you all about them! Pros  Savings… Read More

Lifestyle habits you can adopt to help save money

Whether you’re constantly asking yourself where your money’s gone, or simply want to save for that special occasion, sometimes it can be a struggle to set money aside each month. According to a report by The Money Charity, for the month of November 2019, 12.6m households (46% of the total) didn’t have any savings set… Read More

Our top ways to organise your bills, once and for all

There are two routes that you can take when it comes to organising your bills and managing your finances. You could employ a financial advisor, or go solo. Depending on your own unique needs, or for more complex financial planning, a professional might be necessary. However, this service does come with a cost, upwards of… Read More

Top tips for managing your household finances

Many households around the UK occasionally struggle to maintain control over their finances. A report released by the Office for National Statistics showed that the average weekly household spend rose from £554.20 at the end of 2017 to £572.60 at the end of the financial year ending 2018. The largest amounts related to lifestyle and… Read More

Why people don’t achieve their financial goals – animation

There are plenty of reasons that people don’t achieve their financial goals, but sometimes it can be a struggle to understand why. That’s why this month we wanted to show you some of the ways that money-saving goals can fail.   So there we have it, five reasons why people can’t achieve their savings goals…. Read More