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About BeeMyMinder

What is BeeMyMinder?

A clever document storage system that can help you organise your paperwork and manage your household budget. Your documents can now be placed online, safely, securely, and conveniently so you don't have to spend precious time locating policies, checking details or making unnecessary (costly) calls to suppliers to retrieve information.

How it works

Register for your own secure account and then quickly add household policies and bills. The system can attach documents and allow you to share with others. It will automatically alert you when the it's due for renewal and allow you time to find the better deal - Find out more here.

From February 2021 BeeMyMinder has partnered with Pure Energy Solutions to provide impartial Energy switching advice and deals - Find out more here.

BeeMyMinder are not authorised to provide guidance on financial, retirement, protection, savings and investments, but if you like to be contacted by a UK independent advisor (who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority) click here


Who is behind BeeMyMinder

Originating from New Zealand and now happily residing in London, Nigel Brokenshire has taken his kiwi can-do attitude to launch BeeMyMinder in June 2014.

He enjoys life, friends and helping others. He has formed effective professional relationships with trusted companies to develop BeeMyMinder and offer an unbiased and neutral service for people to use. 

How did it come about

After having double paid for landlord insurance and driving while uninsured Nigel thought ‘something must change’ in how his life is organised.

Whether it was sticky notes, a spreadsheet, calendar reminders or a combination, he struggled to stay on top of his household finances.

Finding nothing online to meet his requirements, Nigel developed BeeMyMinder and is offering it to UK households also struggling to be organised and staying on top of their outgoings - Find out more here.

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Benefits for you?

  • Save time

  • Save money

  • Take control

  • Be less stressed

“BeeMyMinder assists adults and families with their policies - costs and renewals, here to simplify and make lives easier” – survey 2015

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Leaving home or getting a job?

Then understand your financial commitments with BeeMyMinder.

Store policies and bills online and use our advice, hints / tips and deals to make more educated decisions.

Learn how to save, while enjoying life!

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Buying your first house or starting a family?

Then organise your paperwork and store it securely online.

Be rest assured you’re in control, be less stressed and start to claim back your time.

Some things are too good to be true!

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Family growing or needing to buy a bigger house?

Then be financially aware and better understand your household outgoings. Store, share and get policy alerts for you and your loved one.

Take the hassle out of household financial budgeting!

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Mortgage nearly paid off, children moving out?

Then it’s not late to plan for retirement. 

Receive advice to make financially sensible decisions that protect your assets while maintaining quality of life, and store them safely online.

Plan for the future, while protecting your family!

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Worked hard all your life and worried how to enjoy retirement?

Then organise all your household commitments. Let us help you declutter your paper, simplify your agreements and set reminders so you never forget.

Retirement has never been as easy!