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This month we are buzzing as we welcome several new pages to our site, so we thought introducing them on our blog was the perfect way to announce the additions!

Following feedback from our valued users, we found that people wanted more information about household utilities and how BeeMyMinder could help. We got our worker bees into action and now we’re happy to announce that the Bee Organised pages are live!

Each page includes individual tips, common problems and how BeeMyMinder can offer a solution, along with the benefits of using our services. We have created jargon busters to help explain those terms or acronyms used. As well as this, each page provides relevant, helpful links to other websites and our affiliate partner (if looking for your next deal!)

At BeeMyMinder we completely understand that it can be tricky to keep on top of your finances whilst leading a busy life. Our new pages can make things easier for you, giving you helpful advice without you having to spend your valuable time looking for it.

We can offer you useful tips along with the benefits of using BeeMyMinder for the following utilities:

broadband  Broadband

Many are often unaware that they have been switched to a different broadband tariff. Don’t let that happen to you and check out how we can help!

digital-tv  Digital TV

With BeeMyMinder you can save your policies and other details online with us so you can compare digital TV packages at anytime.

energy  Energy

You can set policy reminders for your energy providers, where you can compare tariffs to fit in with your household budget.

financial-planning  Financial Planning & Protection

We all want to be financially secure and protect our income. Make sure you have a financial backup plan and follow our tips.

home-insurance  Home Insurance

It’s very easy to misplace important paperwork, but if it comes to making a claim, you need to be able to access it easily. Now you can with BeeMyMinder!

home-telephone  Home Telephone

Did you know that you could be paying too much for your line rental? You can use BeeMyMinder to find the best package to suit your household.

media  Media & Communication Package 

With most households now online, there’s more demand for households to combine TV, broadband and phone services into one package. Find yours with us today!

mobile-phone  Mobile Phone

With our handy policy storage system, you can safely store your mobile phone contract and record your allowances, so you can reference them anytime.

mortgage  Mortgage

Mortgages are usually the largest outgoing for a household and can come with lots of paperwork. To make sure these documents are protected, store them online with us and be secure.

motor-insurance  Motor Insurance

If you have a garage or access to one, we highly recommend using it. By doing so, you will lower your insurance premium!

pet-insurance  Pet Insurance

Every year 1 in 3 pets need veterinary treatment, which doesn’t come cheap as we’re sure some of you know! Make sure your pet is covered and save the vaccination certificate and other policies securely with us.

tenancy  Tenancy Agreement

Make sure that when it comes to your tenancy agreement that it’s easy to understand and crack any technical jargon!

travel-insurance  Travel Insurance

It’s surprising that a quarter of Brits travel abroad without any travel insurance and for young people, nearly half! Don’t take the chance and ensure that you have the right cover.

you-bills  Your Bills

As a homeowner you have lots of financial commitments, from council tax and mortgages, to energy bills and MOTs. It’s essential that you keep all of these together so you can refer to them at anytime. With BeeMyMinder you can set up reminders for each bill to ensure that you don’t miss a payment.

If you’d like more information on these utilities, visit us at BeeMyMinder where you can manage all of your important documents and policies securely online. Keep an eye out for more top tips and solutions too!

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