5 Ways To Cut The Cost Of Motoring

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As well as safety and reliability, there are several things you need to take into account when choosing a car, including the cost of running one! When thinking about costs of owning/keeping a car, many often just think about fuel consumption, but there’s a lot more to it!

You need to consider the costs of keeping your car on the road, as well as daily expenses, such as fuel and servicing. At BeeMyMinder, we’re all about saving, so we’ve put together five ways of reducing the cost of motoring.

  1. Maintain your car

Prevention is better than cure! You can reduce your motoring costs significantly by ensuring that you maintain your vehicle. These actions will help you reduce the chances of major repairs, which are usually followed by expensive bills.

  • Tend to any repairs quickly
  • Service your car regularly and keep all documents and details safe
  • Keep your car clean and in good condition
  • Maintain low mileage
  1. Fuel

Fuel falls under running costs and there are a few factors that affect your fuel expenditure. Diesel has been consistently more expensive than petrol and although you do get more for the gallon, the latter is more economical. Take these other factors into account:

  • Check out the cheapest prices in your local area and use pence per litre savings offered by supermarkets and other retailers
  • Your car’s efficiency has a significant impact on your fuel consumption, so declutter the car and remove that roof rack if not needed
  • If only driving occasionally, consider joining car clubs, car share schemes, use public transport or use your own steam
  • Check your tyre pressures and ensure that they’re at the advised level in the handbook
  1. Drive safely!

It seems obvious, but driving safely will save you money! Speeding fines can cost £90 and you definitely don’t want points on your licence.

  • Driving safely can keep your insurance premium down and build your no claims
  • Sticking to 70mph on the motorway rather than 80-85mph can cut your fuel costs by 25%
  • Try to avoid excessive acceleration and braking to cut your fuel consumption
  • Make sure you have your tyres checked to ensure safe driving in poor weather conditions
  1. Do your research

Before settling on an insurance or breakdown provider, compare quotes to see which ones offer the best value for service. There are so many different providers out there with a variation of options.

You can save further by paying for your insurance or breakdown cover annually rather than monthly and you’ll be surprised at how much of a difference it can make.

Ensure you don’t leave everything until the last minute! At BeeMyMinder we can help you keep track of your policies, reminding you when your insurance is up for renewal. Our blog is also full of tips on how to get the best deal on your car insurance, so make sure you check it out before you start your research!

Now that paper tax discs have been stopped, don’t be caught out and set up a bill reminder in BeeMyMinder. This could be aligned to your MOT and insurance renewals as well.

  1. The smaller the better

By purchasing the smallest car that’s suitable for you and your family, you can make your fuel and money go further. The smaller the engine size the lower the road tax you pay, you can check it out here. As well as this, consider going green and opt for a fuel-efficient vehicle to pay lower road tax and fuel expenses.

Once you’ve bought your vehicle, take these tips into account to keep your fuel expenses down:

  • Drive as smoothly as you can and change gear when necessary to make sure you’re not tiring out the engine
  • Try not to use air-conditioning too much
  • If you’re going on a long trip, fill up before you get on the motorway as fuel prices are a lot higher
  • But if only doing small trips, try not to drive on a full tank, as more fuel equals more weight, which is less efficient. Fill up more often, with less in

We’re always thinking of ways to save our readers money and provide top tips in a range of areas, so be sure to keep an eye on our blog! We hope these tips help!

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