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Media & Communications Package

Ofcom reported in August 2014 that the average six-year-old child understands more about digital technology than a 45-year-old adult. Also ONS said 98% of households with two adults and two children were now online, so demand is there for households to consolidate TV, broadband and phone services. Combine your household media demands into one package.

The Problem
  • People are unaware of what media package they are on and what is or isn’t included.

  • Some do not realise that they have been switched to a different package or the pricing has increased.

  • With a growing ‘online society’ households are being left behind with functionality and entertainment which is more accessible and becoming cheaper.

The Solution: BeeMyMinder!
  • Find the agreement and use our online policy storage solution.

  • Set a policy reminder (ahead of time) for when your package is due to expire.

  • Review your requirements and when the policy reminder comes around search for the best media package.

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Jargon Buster

  • a list — exists for broadband, digital TV and mobile phone within their respective pages