BeeAware of Ransomware

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As we become more digitally enabled, the concerns about how secure your information is increases. The recent worldwide cyber-attack is a fine example of the potential risk. Understand what happened and be informed on what BeeMyMinder has put in place to help combat this, but also your role to be safe while online.   Ransomware… Read More

Trusting a website with your data

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Is BeeMyMinder safe? A question I’ve been asked before and one I tend to respond to by asking them “how do you know other sites are safe?” The usual response is, “well… they just are”, or “I actually don’t know”. I have some fundamental rules I follow to make my online experience more secure and… Read More

How to Check Your Credit Report

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Checking that your credit report is in tip-top shape is important for many reasons. It affects your ability on getting a mortgage, loans, credit cards and many more financial products. Credit reports will tell your bank or lender about your credit history, which will then help them assess how much of a risk lending you… Read More