How To Get The Best Deal On Your Car Insurance

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Are you paying more than you should for your car insurance? Maybe you’re a creature of habit and have been stuck with the same provider for years? At first it may seem like a chore, but spending that extra time on car insurance providers could save you (in some cases) hundreds!

There are a few really simple steps you can take to ensure you get the best insurance for your money.

Reduce your risk

Cheap insurance isn’t always the best, however, there are a few things you can do to lower your insurance risk, which will therefore lower the price of your car insurance.

 Make your car more secure by:

  • Parking in a garage or a driveway
  • Ensuring that the car is alarmed or has an immobiliser

 Opt for an average car model

  • Choose a make and model from a lower insurance group to get a lower premium (search here car insurance groups)
  • Insurers actually prefer popular models which are not as expensive to repair

 It’s a given but, drive safely

  • Prove to your insurer that you’re a low risk driver. Some insurers even give you discount if you have taken the Pass Plus or advanced driving courses
  • Your premium will increase if you have insurance claims or points on your licence

Add a second driver

  • Add a second low-risk driver even if they don’t use the vehicle that much. Note that adding a newly-qualified young driver will increase your premium

Lower the price

You can do this with the following steps:

Pay for your car insurance annually

  • Sometimes you can be charged interest if you pay in instalments
  • You can often receive a discount if paying in full

Don’t pay for what you don’t need

  • It is likely that your insurer will try and sell you add-ons. Reassess these and see if anywhere else offers these cheaper (e.g. breakdown cover)
  • You could check your other insurance policies and see if they offer any extras. For example, bank accounts including breakdown cover
  • Consider separate breakdown cover, as you may find better cover for a cheaper price, like AA Breakdown Cover

Increase or protect your no claims bonus

  • When changing insurance providers, make sure you can carry over your no claims bonus
  • If you haven’t claimed for five years or more, you can protect your no claims by paying an extra premium

Pay for higher excesses

  • Agree to increase your voluntary excess. Your premiums are lower if you are willing to pay more towards the cost of any accident repairs. The excess will be covered if you are not at fault in an accident

Shop, shop, shop!

It may seem like a tedious task, but the more time and research you put in to finding quotes, the more likely it is that you’ll get insurance quote that’s good quality for a cheaper price. This is particularly important for drivers under 25 and over 70.

Please read our previous article, ‘Pain before Gain with Car Insurance’ where some online research resulted in a 13% saving.

Before you get started, outline everything that you need and tailor your search. With your policy stored in BeeMyMinder, this makes everything a lot easier. Get stuck in and pick the quotes that are not only the cheapest, but reliable. Remember, the cheapest doesn’t mean the best! Comparison sites are really useful and will find quotes quickly and easily for you, for example

Do check the policy!

To ensure that you’re getting the right cover for you, read the key facts! It’s tempting to just click the terms and conditions box, but it’s worth reading through them, particularly if you’re renewing your policy with the same provider. With BeeMyMinder you can upload those key documents for future reference.

It’s also worth being cheeky and going back to your current provider with a better quote and see what discount they can offer you! Haggle!

We understand that it’s difficult to keep track of all your policies and it’s easy to forget about renewals! At BeeMyMinder, we provide a safe and secure place for your policies and will remind you with enough time to renew any policies. Sign up today and Bee organised with us!

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