6 Options for the Bank of Mum and Dad

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It seems like there is no better time to climb onto the UK property ladder. With the Bank of England dropping the base rate (making mortgage deals cheaper), Brexit putting the ‘skids’ on a rampant property market and the government offering shared ownership schemes. However, many first time buyers are still struggling to save for… Read More

After a 100% home loan?

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Barclays bank has described their Family Springboard that offers a 100% home loan as a ”mortgage that allows family members to help each other get on or move up the property ladder”. Here at BeeMyMinder, we know that finances and getting a mortgage can be confusing, and that’s why we’ve decided to give you a… Read More

How to Improve Your Credit Rating

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We’re back with part two of the credit topic and this month we’re focusing on how to improve your credit rating. Last month we showed you how to check your credit report, so you should now know what your score is and whether you need to improve it or not. Your credit rating affects your… Read More

How to Check Your Credit Report

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Checking that your credit report is in tip-top shape is important for many reasons. It affects your ability on getting a mortgage, loans, credit cards and many more financial products. Credit reports will tell your bank or lender about your credit history, which will then help them assess how much of a risk lending you… Read More

Types of mortgages

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So, you’re thinking about taking that big step and getting a mortgage. As a first time buyer, this process can be overwhelming as there are several kinds of mortgages to choose from. Here is some useful information on what types of mortgages are available, to give you an idea of which is right for you!… Read More