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With the highest proportion of remortgage customers choosing fixed rates since base rate was cut to 0.5 per cent, are you able to review and make an informed decision? Do you need to change, or happy to move to a standard variable rate? Store and set a 3-month mortgage alert on BeeMyMinder today.



Article Published: 19/07/2014

If you are paying the gas and/or energy then you have a right to switch providers and save money, even if you are renting... take action now! Remember to save your new policy in BeeMyMinder

Ofgem research reveals those renting are less likely to switch energy tariffs and that may mean missing out on savings Continue reading...

Article Published: 14/07/2014

At BeeMyMinder we believe individuals should have a good handle of their pension scheme(s). If in doubt, speak to an independent advisor, they are there to help and provide impartial assistance. Click our link from to speak to an advisor now.


Government body criticises industry for failing to take consumer's fears into account after introduction of auto-enrolment Continue reading...

Article Published: 07/07/2014

As this article states, "the run of low rates is well and truly over". BeeMyMinder knows that mortgages are the largest outgoing for most households, and with rates going up they can only go higher. Understand, when your mortgage ends, what standard rate it would revert to, and consider what interest rate increases would mean to you and your family.


Article Published: 07/07/2014

Reporting that "57 per cent of mortgage payers do not have any protection insurance." it should make people think "what would happen if I can't work?" Ensure you have the necessary and adequate mortage cover for all circumstances (and stored safely in BeeMyMinder)


Article Published: 04/07/2014

Goods news say BeeMyMinder, but continue to be vigil about your overseas mobile phone calls, texts and data usage. Check your roaming bundle package and make sure you know what you may pay when travelling in the EU (and beyond!)

Which? says four in 10 do not know they can challenge bill as new EU rules limit roaming charges Continue reading...

Article Published: 30/06/2014

Are you getting the best Income Protection levels for your Salary? Thought of the day from BeeMyMinder team.

Payout structure changed to two tiers as opposed to three, while benefits in kind will be included when calculating gross income.

Article Published: 23/06/2014

With "almost three quarters say that they give their grandchildren money because they want to help out with the rising cost of living" BeeMyMInder recommend insuring you have a firm understanding and control over your all key policies.

Report says one in six grandparents give cash because their grandchildren's parents can't afford to do the same Continue reading...

Article Published: 20/06/2014

BeeMyMinder believes this is excellent news for households across the UK. Making the switch easier, gives you more power (sorry bad pun) to choose a preferred energy supplier, either to secure better prices or from a poor customer experience. However - check any cancellation fees associated with your current provider... if none (or minimal) consider 'doing the switch'!

Ofgem vows to make process easier, raising hopes of increased competition and an end to the dominance of the 'big six' firms Continue reading...

Article Published: 16/06/2014

Heed the ombudsman's advice "...Should the worst happen, keep a note of any correspondence. Keep electronic copies of your policy saved to your email account so the documents can be accessed wherever you are in the world..." or use BeeMyMinder


With a growing number of travel insurers looking for your business, how do you find the one that meets your needs? Continue reading...

Article Published: 09/06/2014