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Your Bills

Households are faced with many financial commitments from water rates, council tax, travel, childcare, warranties, MOTs etc that need to be managed. Research by Resolution Foundation (an economic think tank) identified 1.6m households are in a 'housing pinch' with only £60 week left over after all housing costs, living expenses are covered. UK households spent an average of £517 a week in 2013 and another study found 22% of savers already expect to save less money in 2015. So whether trying to increase household savings or dealing with debt management, be organised and in control.

The Problem
  • On average, UK households do not have a firm understanding of their financial commitments and bills that need to be paid – they cannot even easily find the paperwork.

  • People struggle to set and stick to a household budget and in-turn have issues with debt management or their household savings.

  • UK households on average only save £3,780 per year but many save less, they do not have time to cancel bills or shop around for better deals.

The Solution: BeeMyMinder!
  • Gather up your paper bills and use our document storage solution to store your bills online, have in one place, safe and secure.

  • Simply add the amount you are paying (no bank details required) and you can then review and understand your outgoings.

  • Set bill reminders and get notified when they are due to end. Providing enough time to decide next steps and not face extra charges or unexpected bill increases.

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