Winter worries – reduce energy costs this winter

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The days are getting shorter and colder, meaning the heating in your home is coming on more frequently, and for the past year, you may have forgotten just how expensive energy bills can be!

It’s not cheap to heat your home, with industry reports stating that households are facing a 20% hike in dual fuel bills the over next six years, but there are ways you can save money on both your gas and electricity bills. Here are our top tips for keeping costs down.

Turn down the heat

Sometimes, having the heating off is not an option, it’s just too cold! Studies have shown that turning down your thermostat by one or two degrees can reduce your energy bill by up to 10% per year. When it comes to doing your laundry, set your washing machine at 30 degrees (an eco setting is even better!) and you’ll notice a small difference.


Does your home have insulation? Having some form of insulation in your walls or loft will greatly decrease the amount of heat leaving your property. Sometimes this can cost quite a bit to begin with, but once it’s done, you can save a lot of money on your bills year after year.

Draught proof

If you find that windows and doors around your home are letting out heat through draughts, it may be worth spending some time draught proofing these areas. You can do this fairly cheaply by purchasing excluders or silicone sealant from DIY stores. Remember to shut doors to keep the rooms warm.

Use less power

Boil only enough water in your kettle, microwave small dinners rather than use your oven. Turn off devices when not in use and remember some appliances use power when left on ‘stand-by’. Turn lights off and save 90% on lighting bills by replacing halogen spotlights with LEDs (they also last 20% longer than standard bulbs).

Switch and save

Changing your energy provider may seem like hassle, but at BeeMyMinder we know that switching will save you money. Companies recognise that people don’t have time to search for another deal, so tend to stick with the same supplier– year after year. What might happen is that they move you onto their more expensive standard rate at end of your fixed price deal. However, energy companies must write to customers every year to tell them the firm’s best tariffs and how to get it.

But spending a little time using a comparison website, you can see which suppliers offer cheaper deals, saving you money in the long run.

By using the BeeMyMinder policy storage system, you can manage your outgoings. You can see exactly how much you are spending on your energy bills allowing you time to choose a cheaper, more practical supplier.

There are lots of schemes that can help with the cost of heating your home, contact your energy supplier to see if you are eligible for any of the following:

  • Winter Fuel Payment
  • Cold Weather Payment
  • Decent Homes Scheme
  • Disabled Facilities Grants
  • Warm Home Discount Scheme

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