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For those of you who aren’t regular readers of the BeeMyMinder blog, you might have missed the recent snippets about our system getting a complete upgrade.

The official launch is just around the corner, so we wanted to show you how you could benefit from using BeeMyMinder.

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Get all functionality for free

Anyone with a BeeMyMinder account before the launch will receive all functionality for free. All existing users will automatically be transferred across to the full product, so if you set up an account today (it only takes 2 minutes) you’ll get all the features for free. Do it now!

How you can benefit

Unlimited stored policies

With unlimited policies comes unlimited financial control. These unrestricted uploads give you the opportunity to keep all your bills safely secured in one place. There’s no limit to the policies you can upload; from car insurance to utility bills, tenancy agreements to mortgage documents, you’ll have complete control.

Not only does this help keep you organised, it also means that you’re able to compare the prices of different policies, regardless of whether you’re renewing or comparing the market.

Multiple email and SMS reminders

Have you ever been caught out by an unexpected bill or policy renewal date? Well now you don’t have to worry about that. You’ll benefit from multiple email and SMS reminders, keeping you in the loop and in control of your finances.

Most utility providers or insurance companies rely on you auto-renewing, meaning they can increase your monthly costs and you’ll have to accept it. Now you’re able to remember these dates and find a better deal.

Customise up to three alerts, and you’ll never be at a miss.

Upload straight from your phone

You said, and we took action. People wanted an APP to use and we’ll be accompanying the website with a mobile solution.

Uploading new policies will be even easier. Simply take a picture with your smart phone and upload to your document storage centre. We want to make it as easy as possible for your to start saving, so why would we ask you to scan documents using your computer?

Shared policies

Are you jointly responsible for a mortgage or household bills? That’s not a problem. Our shared policy system means that both parties will have access to all the important dates or costs that so often catch bill payers out.

We have enhanced the system so that you can invite up to three associates to share any joint policies. Not only that, they can load their own policies as well.

Cutting down on excess paperwork

Nobody likes to have piles of paperwork cluttering their home, but with BeeMyMinder all your policies are safely secured in one place. Not only does this allow you to keep track of all your monthly outgoings, it saves you time when you’re searching for a specific policy.

Archive older policies

Don’t delete older documents. Archiving policies means that you’re able to compare previous policy prices with newer quotes. This gives you an online trail should there ever be any disputes over policy terms or payments.

You can compare what your policy actually contained before you search for a new agreement e.g. insurance excesses.

One top tip, if you’re ever cancelling a policy with a supplier, make sure that you have all your previous payment details to hand. Chances are they’ll ask why you’re leaving and if you’re able to give examples of previous payment amounts, they might be able to match or even beat your existing quote.

Access to a financial broker (coming soon)

One feature that we’re particularly excited about it giving our users access to free, financial advice from an FCA-approved broker.

It’s all too easy to become mixed up with policy terms and conditions, so why shouldn’t you be able to receive independent financial advice? This feature will be added, so make sure that you check back soon for more updates.


So there we have it, the benefits of the new BeeMyMinder system. It’s simple to use, easy to set up and in no time you’ll be saving money instead of relying on auto-renewals. Make sure you check back soon for the live launch, you don’t want to miss out. Don’t forget to register for free now.

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