What’s your home entertainment package?

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I thought it good as we enter the New Year to outline a few points if making a resolution or thinking to switch, upgrade your home entertainment package.

Gone are the days when families gathered around the television to watch their favourite programmes. Over Christmas it might be sentimental to watch re-runs, but how times have changed, with entertainment being able to be watched, downloaded, recorded anytime anywhere.

I love TV and having the ability to watch nearly any show, programme, documentary, movie, sporting event etc from the comfort of my sofa fills me with joy. But now I’m Skyping, surfing the internet, listening to my music, as well as watching my shows on-the-go.

It’s not just about the TV?

Keeping it very simple, when you consider your home entertainment package take into account TV, broadband, mobile phone and any laptops, tablet devices etc you have.

They are all connected so easily and if you understand how they work together then the pleasure you have watching your favourite movie, box-set is not just in the lounge but on the train to work, on a flight or while on holiday.

It’s too confusing!

It can been difficult to fully understand all the offerings which the big providers advertise. Breaking it down you must have excellent broadband (see our broadband page) with unlimited downloads, fast broadband speed and a Digital TV which is internet ready and provides a quality picture (HD or higher).

With the right TV connected to your broadband you can not only watch standard TV, but satellite TV, other streaming channels, and all the internet has to offer. All other devices from PCs, laptops, Tablets, smart phones are connected to your broadband and tend to be compatible.

Do I need it?

Some people decide not to embrace technology (not even TV) and how it can transform their lives, I respect that. But because the degree in which it can and the affordability on offer, then it’s hard not to.

I recommend you take the time research what is on offer and what you would find valuable. It could be being able to watch or record your favourite TV while out, playing your music from your TV in the house, viewing pictures from a recent holiday on the TV or having a video call around the world (for free) from your own lounge.

If you are keen to purchase a home entertainment package then click here for some top tips and a jargon buster

It’s too expensive

The market at the moment is crowded with providers offering great deals. Whether it’s VirginMedia or similar big-players offering subscription based products or NowTV  offering a subscription free service, the price can be considerable affordable.

I have my broadband, phone and TV package via VirginMedia. I switched from Sky saving £300 over a two years. Before my anniversary, I received my BeeMyMinder reminder (as VirginMedia didn’t notify me) and I spoke to the VirginMedia team to see what was on offer.

Even though I was paying £64 / month on a £72 package, they didn’t want me to leave and dropped the price to £48 / month, doubled my broadband and for a 12-month period. An additional saving of £192 for the upcoming year. Also, their line rental is cheaper than BT. Just remember to haggle.

I hope these words of wisdom have been helpful. You need to really undertake you own research and be aware on what is out there… and what is coming.

So for this Christmas Eve will I be watching the re-runs of Only Fools and Horses or The Muppets Christmas Special? No, I’ll be Skyping New Zealand allowing me to enjoy my family opening their presents on Christmas day!

Merry Christmas!


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