How to Check Your Credit Report

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Checking that your credit report is in tip-top shape is important for many reasons. It affects your ability on getting a mortgage, loans, credit cards and many more financial products.

Credit reports will tell your bank or lender about your credit history, which will then help them assess how much of a risk lending you will be. If you’re thinking about getting any of these, you may want to check your current credit report before you apply.

If it’s good, great, but if not, checking your report allows you to improve it before applying.

The Benefits

Checking your credit report regularly provides plenty of benefits including:

  • An easy, quick way of engaging with your credit information
  • Helps to detect any suspicious activity
  • Minimises damage from identity theft or fraud
  • Credit reference companies can notify you of any significant changes
  • Ensures that your information is updated and contains no errors
  • Provides an accurate report informing you whether you’ll be able to apply for loans or mortgages

Keeping an eye on your credit report is so useful and taking these benefits on board will not only help individually, but will ultimately help you improve your credit score.

For those who enter a joint financial product like a joint loan, joint bank account or joint mortgage then check both have good credit ratings as one person’s poor credit history could impact the others.

Credit Report Suppliers

There are plenty of credit check and report companies out there, that frequently offer free trials. It’s definitely worth signing up and if you like the idea of keeping an eye of your report on a regular basis, you can continue your membership.

Like anything, undertake good research before you buy to see which one offers the best price, covering what you require. Be sure to choose a reliable, trustworthy company that can provide you the advice you need. Paying that little extra for a professional, accredited supplier will save you money in the long-term.

You can start off your search with the following leading suppliers:

It’s super easy to sign up and doesn’t take long at all to complete. Within minutes you could have a detailed, up-to-date credit report that you can then check on regularly.

We plan to follow up with a Part Two blog on how to improve your credit rating next month, so keep an eye out on the TheBuzzBlog!

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