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Add a reminder in BeeMyMinder to provide a timely alert before your road tax expires. You can't depend on 'glancing' at your tax disc.

I have had to buy a new tax disc, have been wheel clamped and am in line for a £171 penalty charge

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Article Published: 22/03/2015

Bee smart and review the TV package you are on. Are you getting good value for money on what you watch?

Save your media package with BeeMyMinder for future reference.

Early price hike follows record deal to cover Premier League football matches



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Article Published: 19/03/2015

An interesting article outlining the impact for some from the Mortgage Market Review (MMR) introduced in April 2014. Bee-aware whether this will impact you.

Tougher rules mean a growing number of borrowers are finding it hard to get a mortgage. But there are options for those who no longer fit lenders’ criteria

Are you over 45? Self-employed? Divorced and remortgaging late in life? Got your eye on a great ex-council house? Or like the look of that cheap studio flat? If you are in any of these groups, you are likely to be among the growing number of “mortgage misfits” who struggle to find a lender willing to offer a loan.

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Article Published: 14/03/2015

Bee-smart as a strong exchange rate for your euro holiday could save you money.

As the euro hits a seven-year low, holidaymakers are wondering how they can take advantage of the sterling’s strength

The falling euro could be good news for holidaymakers heading to the continent. On Wednesday the value of the currency against the pound was at a seven-year low, with €1 costing just 70.48p.

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Article Published: 11/03/2015

Some very helpful tips in hiring a car for that special holiday away - bee in the know.

The headline price can make you think you’re getting a bargain, but you need to be on guard against sneaky charges

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Article Published: 09/03/2015

Pleased to read the number of 'unassisted' house buyers has increased, but many are still reliant on the 'bank of mum and dad'. Now you have your mortgage make sure you store it and other new house related policies online, safe and secure with BeeMyMinder.

Figures also show 48% of new homeowners stumped up down payment unaided – the highest number since credit crunch

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Article Published: 05/03/2015

Ensure you fully understand the fine print in your motor insurance policy if you have or are deciding to make modifications. BeeMyMinder recommends you declare any type of modification with your insurer, especially when renewing or switching providers.

Any changes you make to your vehicle, from a roof rack to a sticker on the door, should be approved by your insuracne company Continue reading...

Article Published: 16/02/2015

At BeeMyMinder we promote the use of comparison sites, but always recommend you fully understand how the site works, what details are being presented, you use a number of sites if changing a policy "cross comparison-site, comparison" and if not happy with your decision cancel the policy in the time allowed (usually 14 days) with no cost penalties.


Representatives from biggest sites face robust questioning from energy and climate change select committee over way of showing cheap tariff options

The big price comparison sites have denied claims that they are ripping off customers by hiding the cheapest tariffs from consumers to looking to switch energy provider, at a parliamentary investigation into whether the switching industry is working in consumers’ best interests.

Facing a robust line of questioning from the energy and climate change select committee, the representatives of the biggest comparison websites, including uSwitch, Confused and Compare the Market, were forced to defend their business in the face of claims by MPs that they have been misleading customers by failing to show the cheapest tariffs.

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Article Published: 03/02/2015

To be clear – we do not deal with peoples' bank details nor require bank statements to be loaded online. BeeMyMinder offers a 'complimentary' secure, online offering for those not wanting to refer to their paper-based records of policies, agreements, bills etc only.

Research finds consumers twice as likely to correctly identify how much money in account if they didn’t use online statements

Consumers are able to better manage and improve their finances when they receive paper bank statements sent through the post rather than just accessing their accounts online, according to the results of a behavioural study published on Monday.

The research exercise – thought to be the biggest of its kind – by London Economics for the Keep Me Posted campaign, looked at the effectiveness of paper versus online statements on consumer behaviour.

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Article Published: 03/02/2015

Great news when trying to better understand phone charges. Read more at

Charges for calls to the thousands of numbers that start 084, 087, 09 or 118 will become clearer from this summer. Find out more...

Article Published: 02/02/2015