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Are you affected? Only 2,006 landlords prosecuted in last eight years despite studies showing hundreds of thousands are living in homes that pose severe threat to health with private landlords taking £5.6bn in rent on homes that “don’t meet legal standards”.

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Article Published: 17/10/2015

With around 71% of household bills being paid by direct debit, make sure you have your bills safely stored in BeeMyMinder for future reference.

Milestone in cashless payment is considered a marker for economic recovery

More than 100m direct debit payments were processed in just one day at the end of July, in what Britain’s bankers are hailing as another milestone in the path to a cashless society.

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Article Published: 04/08/2015

If moving into rented accommodation and have concerns, ask your landlord for a electrical safety check. There is no legal obligation, but it will at least allow you to gauge the type of landlord you are getting involved with.

Landlords and letting agents are threatening student lives by failing to sort out dangerous electrical problems, charity warns

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Article Published: 04/08/2015

Small increases like these do add up. At BeeMyMinder we recommend you review the value of your digital TV package against the price you pay. It is easy to downgrade if you want to.

Sky’s subscribers only have £1 hike as cable company says it is passing on costs more fairly than satellite broadcaster, which has raised prices for other packages

Virgin Media customers who take Sky’s sports package are being hit with a £2 a month increase – double the £1 a month hike that Sky’s own subscribers face from June.

Announcing the changes, Virgin Media hit out at the satellite broadcaster, and suggested that it was passing on the costs in a way that was fairer than that chosen by Sky.

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Article Published: 17/04/2015

We have added BT as a mobile phone provider with BeeMyMinder. Save your policy online, safely and securely with us.

Telecoms company will not offer handsets but sim cards and subscriptions, to act as a lure for its broadband service and TV services

BT has returned to the consumer mobile market after a 13-year absence by offering 4G subscriptions with prices starting at a budget £5 a month.

Designed as a lure for BT’s broadband service – the group’s main moneyspinner – mobile subscriptions will come at up to half price for BT broadband customers. Mobile customers who do not take broadband will still get access to live premier league matches for free, via the BT Sport app.

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Article Published: 25/03/2015

With record low interest rates the cost of borrowing seems affordable with average UK household non-mortgage debt to be £10,000 by 2016. Bee in control of your personal loans, credit cards and overdrafts with BeeMyMinder (store, remind, take action).

Report warns that people’s complacency over their ability to manage their borrowing could lead to resurgence in bad debt

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Article Published: 23/03/2015

Add a reminder in BeeMyMinder to provide a timely alert before your road tax expires. You can't depend on 'glancing' at your tax disc.

I have had to buy a new tax disc, have been wheel clamped and am in line for a £171 penalty charge

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Article Published: 22/03/2015

Bee smart and review the TV package you are on. Are you getting good value for money on what you watch?

Save your media package with BeeMyMinder for future reference.

Early price hike follows record deal to cover Premier League football matches



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Article Published: 19/03/2015

An interesting article outlining the impact for some from the Mortgage Market Review (MMR) introduced in April 2014. Bee-aware whether this will impact you.

Tougher rules mean a growing number of borrowers are finding it hard to get a mortgage. But there are options for those who no longer fit lenders’ criteria

Are you over 45? Self-employed? Divorced and remortgaging late in life? Got your eye on a great ex-council house? Or like the look of that cheap studio flat? If you are in any of these groups, you are likely to be among the growing number of “mortgage misfits” who struggle to find a lender willing to offer a loan.

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Article Published: 14/03/2015

Bee-smart as a strong exchange rate for your euro holiday could save you money.

As the euro hits a seven-year low, holidaymakers are wondering how they can take advantage of the sterling’s strength

The falling euro could be good news for holidaymakers heading to the continent. On Wednesday the value of the currency against the pound was at a seven-year low, with €1 costing just 70.48p.

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Article Published: 11/03/2015