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A common issue are higher premiums if you'stick', BeeMyMinder recommends a 'switch' each time a policy is up for renewal.

I auto renew with Tesco but after going on to a comparison site I found an £83 cheaper quote ... from Tesco Continue reading...

Article Published: 06/11/2014

At BeeMyMinder we recommend you challenge any wording you don't understand when taking out a new mortgage.

Consumer champion found just 3 per cent of people could identify the cheapest deal from five two-year fixed rates.

Article Published: 04/11/2014

With winter around the corner it's key time to review, switch, save... and why not store in BeeMyMinder?

If you dont, you will automatically be transferred to a standard deal which will cost considerably more Continue reading...

Article Published: 26/09/2014

As your pet gets older, investing in pet cover might saves you money as ther health deteriorates and costs spiral.

Raising a pet costs more money out of the family budget a few hundred for adoption fees, vaccinations, litter boxes and more

Continue reading...

Article Published: 23/09/2014

At BeeMyMinder we know that switching is good value for money, but don't lose control of all those policies with different suppliers. Store them and set your personal alerts, ready to switch again on the renewal anniversary.

A simple phone call could save you hundreds of pounds on your home insurance or savings account Continue reading...

Article Published: 16/08/2014

It's interesting to learn that "Lenders can no longer make a loan deal conditional upon taking out insurance, but can set a fee to check that the buyer has taken out cover". Does you mortgage policy have this clause? Remember you can store documents in BeeMyMinder for easier access and peace of mind.

Survey shows customers are paying £2m a year for the practice of 'bundling' that was abandoned a decade ago Continue reading...

Article Published: 08/08/2014

Power to "Collective switching"! Also provides the ability to switch "offline" - as one in eight switchers in the June scheme did not have internet access. We recommend you look for your local-council scheme.

Council-led initiative helps 3,966 homes switch energy supplier and save on gas and electricity bills Continue reading...

Article Published: 06/08/2014

When considering a mortage, also remember the fees. BeeMyMinder says shop around as some products on the market have very low or no fees at all and lenders want to stay competitve.

Article Published: 01/08/2014

Households to see £12 per year cut in energy bills thanks to Ofgem's plan to control pricing for next eight years. It all adds says BeeMyMinder!

Article Published: 30/07/2014

With more lenders comes more choice, but also more confusion. BeeMyMinder supports the use of FCA, independent advisors.

Article Published: 21/07/2014