Top Tips for Student Money Saving: Part 1

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Saving money is becoming harder and harder, and as a student it can be tempting to have one big blowout when your grant or loan comes through.

But remember, you need to budget yourself throughout the year so you’re not caught short when an unexpected bill arrives that needs to be paid.

Keep reading for the first instalment of our top tips on student money saving.They could help you save hundreds throughout the academic year.

Save money on your utility bills

Remember your policy renewable dates.

Policies may offer a preferential rate for a set period of your contact, but these soon come to an end. You should organise your bills in one place, and set up reminders of when the policies are up for renewal to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. For more information on how you can benefit from our free policy reminder service, take a look here.

Get council tax support discounts.

If you’re a full time student living by yourself or with a group of other students, then you don’t have to pay council tax. You should check with your local authority beforehand, and they will be able to supply you with the right forms to fill in. These will update their records, and avoids you receiving any unexpected demands later.

Compare the Market.

This should come as no surprise to modern money-savers. Comparing the market can save you hundreds of pounds a year on your utility bills. Sites including ComparethemarketMoneySupermarket and uSwitch compare prices of all major suppliers, but make sure that you check the terms and conditions of each policy before signing up for the best acls classes in San Diego California .

Use the library.

You might think the library is just for studying, but they can be excellent places to utilise the Internet, and electricity. Use the library to charge your phone, laptop, tablet or iPod whilst you’re working; you won’t be spending money on your personal bills, and you get work done at the same time.

Wash sensibly.

Imagine your money running down a drain, that’s what happens if you don’t do all your washing at once. Even if you do need that one top or jacket for a day at University, you’re wasting money by washing it on it’s own.

If you have the option, then using a local laundrette is an even better way of saving money. They have larger machines, and all you have to do is take your own washing detergent (and a good book whilst you’re waiting).

Turn everything off.

It’s tempting to stick the TV on stand-by mode, or leave the lights running if you’re late for a lecture, but the costs soon add up. Make sure that you turn off all your lights and electrics before you leave, and if your roommates are doing it, then remind them it’s their money they’re wasting. For more information on how to save money in the winter months, take a look at our “Reduce energy costs this winter” blog post.


Save money on food shopping

Hunt for discount codes.

Vouchers codes are going to be one of your new best friends whilst at University. Before you buy anything, have a hunt on the Internet to see if you can find a discount voucher code. Some retailer’s offer an introductory 25% off voucher if you sign up for their newsletter, so take the time to search and you’ll be saving money in no time. Try using websites such as or for money saving coupons.

Buy reduced.

Don’t go overboard on £3 meal deals everyday when you’re food shopping. If you take the time to find out when most food retailers reduce their produce you can get some fantastic bargains. If you’ve got the option then freeze your reduced finds, this works well with meats, bread and some vegetables.

Do a weekly/monthly bulk buy (with others).

Doing one big food shop once a week, or even once a month, can help save you money at University. This works especially well if you all have similar tastes, or eat meals together on a regular basis.

Use sites that offer cash back.

For those with an eye for a bargain (and a spare hour or so) then using websites that offer cash back on purchases is another way to save money. Quidco and Topcashback are some of the largest, but always check the terms and conditions before you start spending. Some sites don’t give you cash back immediately; so don’t expect an instant rebate when you’re doing your shopping.


So there we have it, part one of our top tips for student money saving. What do you think? Have we missed anything out, or do you have your own tips on saving money whilst studying? You can take a look at Part 2 in our Student Money Saving series here.

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