Top Tips for Cutting Holiday Costs

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If you’re planning a holiday this summer, then you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy your time away. From ever-popular “Stay-cations” to house swapping, you’ll always be able save money before travelling.


Here at BeeMyMinder, we understand the importance of financial planning, so we’ve collected some of our top tips for cutting holiday costs this year.


Package Holiday vs DIY


Package holidays can be a brilliant way to ensure your holiday is as stress-free as possible, especially if you’re going all-inclusive. Package holidays can often include parking, transfers, food and drink, which can be a bonus if you’re going away for a longer period of time. Check out what is on offer from summer holiday experts A1travel.


However, these can sometimes be restrictive compared to a DIY holiday. Some package holidays have restrictions on the dates and times you can leave, whereas if you DIY your holiday, you can travel over a period of time that suits you. Using a comparison website lets you compare the prices of hotels, flights and transfers individually to find the best price as outlined below).


Whether your planning a package holiday or booking everything individually, the same rule applies – do your research. You could save a bundle, especially when it comes to bagging yourself a cheaper hotel room.


Plan Your Parking


If you plan your parking carefully, you could start cutting the costs of your holiday before you’ve even left the country.


Book your space early, even up to the morning of your flight. The prices of the airport parking are expensive, and generally aimed at those who turn up on the day, park and fly. You can book months in advance, ideal if you’ve forward planned your holiday. Providers like Purple Parking are perfect for saving money before you travel.


Check your travel insurance as soon as you’ve booked


Most travellers don’t realise that travel insurance isn’t just there for whilst you’re away; it’s been designed to cover flight cancellations and other factors outside of your control.


When you’re using price comparison websites, make sure that you check the terms and conditions of each policy. Some may only cover for a set period of time, and some may not reimburse you for the full amount if your flight is cancelled or delayed.


If you have one of the current accounts that have specific member benefits, it’s worth checking to see if travel insurance is one of them before you take out another policy you don’t need. Be careful with these however, it may be that it’s only the current account holder that’s covered.


Compare the Market


Not to sound clichéd, but comparing the market before you book can help cut the cost of your holiday too. Make detailed notes of everything to do with your holiday, and take these with you should you visit travel agents. Things to note include:


  • Overall budget for your trip
  • Exact time periods when you want to travel
  • Costs of all-inclusive packages you’ve found online
  • What exactly each package includes (if you’re heading down the package route)
  • Who is the tour operator/travel agency that’s offering this price
  • How long is the offer is valid for


Once you’ve got your detailed list, visit the travel agents and see who has the best deal. If you’re prepared, then you can focus on finding the best deal to save you the most money.


Time the booking right


There’s two ways that you can time the booking of your holiday. You can either book months in advance to get the best deal, or wait until the last minute for any flash sales that get advertised by under-sold travel operators.


If you’re flexible on dates, then comparison websites will search through all the listings and you can browse them at your leisure. This works especially well if you’re not restricted by taking time off work or travelling with others.


Forward plan free activities


This works especially well if you’re having a Stay-cation. Most larger towns and cities around the UK have free activities for holidaymakers to enjoy. From crabbing in Cornwall to guided tours in Edinburgh, there’s plenty for the family to enjoy, ideal if you’re on a budget.


If you’re travelling abroad, then take the time to do some research on local events that are taking place during your visit. Are there any specific festivals or events coming up that you can take part in?


Hopefully you’ve found this article helpful, and if you have any questions; or want more information on our travel insurance partner service, then get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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