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Many people are in the midst of Christmas and looking forward to spending time with loved ones and wondering what the New Year will bring for them. Some start early and work on plans for 2017 to ensure they achieve their goals. Whether financial, personal, professional etc. It’s also a good time for you to reflect on the year that has just been. Do you look back and reflect?

We all know you can’t go back and change anything that has happened. However, you can take note of events that have taken place and learn from them. Some events might have been planned and achieved. Some unplanned but dealt with effectively and with great reward. By reviewing what has taken place provides you the opportunity to discover how well your year actually was.

Was 2016 ‘one to write home about’? Will you look back in 2016 with fond memories?

For some it was a sad year as we lost many well-known and famous celebrities from the entertainment world. Nearly every week someone well known, someone we loved, look up to, enjoyed passed away. It felt quite surreal. This is the cruel thing, you never know when your ‘number is up’.

For me two main events stand out, Britain’s’ decision to leave the European Union ‘Brexit’ and Donald Trump winning the US presidential elections. It caused worldwide ‘ripples’ in the world markets, bought out the best and worst in people and leaves me wondering what the future holds for my family and I. I am also constantly ashamed and saddened by the growing unrest, war crimes and displacement of refuges and killing of innocent people in countries with deep civil unrest and fighting.

On a personal note, I felt great sorrow when I learnt my beloved country of birth, New Zealand was hit by more earthquakes. To the many who are affected it is such a sad time knowing what my home city of Christchurch went through previously. I see and read the kiwi-spirit shining through and the coming together of all New Zealanders to support those less fortunate.

Over the last few years my wife and I set our one main goal and that was to start a family. The journey was emotional, tough, soul-searching and drawn-out. We questioned ourselves many times as our results continued to be negative. We sought support in family and friends to get us through and it brought us closer together as a couple. On 6th June the miracle occurred and our baby boy come into this world, healthy, happy and full of smile. He is still the loveable wee chap today, 6 months on. The challenges and hurdles we had to overcome was for us huge, but we got there, and I hope those who read this blog this also overcome your own challenges.

This blog is not the norm, not one discussing money matters, finding deals, being on top of your household expenditure or how to stay in control. It is time for a break and a time to reflect on how 2016 ‘panned-out’. I keep my finances in check, try to make savings, be stress fee, enjoy living and not worrying about payments. It has not been a simple year but I can say that the financial commitment to bring our precious boy into the world is quickly outweighed by the fun, enjoyment and love I can now receive and give.

So I recommend, that you take the time to step back from the hustle and bustle of everyday living and look back at your 2016. Did you met your goals? Did you set goals? What can you take away? and will 2016 be a big ‘thumbs-up’ or a big ‘thumbs-down’.

Now with that clear in your mind, decide what you can do to make 2017 an even better year!

I wish you and your families a safe and enjoyable Christmas period, and festive New Year.

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