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No, it’s not the Holiday Blues, but Holiday Cues. Why is that you may ask? Well on a recent overseas holiday I was notified of a few developments on the home front that unless I had BeeMyMinder I may have come unstuck. So if you go on holidays and want peace of mind about the home front then read on and see how BeeMyMinder can help you.

Miles away, but not that far.

To be correct, during the month of February 2017 my family and I were 11,784 miles from home, and 13 hours forward in time. Probably the most furthest away you could get. So when you travel on a long distance journey like this, you tend to spend a lot of time ensuring you have everything ready for the trip itself, passports, money, insurance, bags packed etc.

You also need to ensure that you leave everything at home safe and secure. Maybe leave some spare keys with a family member, switch off the water, heating or even leave lights on with a timer. However, you can’t cover all things and this is what we found out.

If something unplanned does happen while you are away, how do you know and what can you realistically do? What if something occurs that was planned but you have completely forgotten about? Well, more than likely you’d come home and quickly realise that things need to be dealt with.

Well with BeeMyMinder, we flew off knowing that any upcoming bills would be alerted to us and if the unexpected did occur we have instant access to all our providers details. We basically have all our household finances safe and secure online, accessible in NZ. No worries – mate.

The unexpected happened.

While we were away storm Doris hit the UK. Nothing you would think to worry about from Christchurch, NZ; however, what did happen was our home alarm went off. We were notified late one evening (NZ time) and thought of the worse… our house had been broken into. We waited till a family member visited the house for the (bad) news. In the meantime, I was able to look up our home and contents provider, confirm what coverage we had and the best number to ring them on (with our account number). Luckily it was only Doris. Storm Doris that is, the high winds had set off our outdoor alarm (thought it was being tampered with).

Thanks for the heads-up.

The next reminder we got was a helpful alert that our energy package was finishing up at the end of the month. Well not a major problem as our gas and electricity would continue, but we were going to be switched to the standard tariff. The standard tariff is much more expensive for us and if we didn’t get this alert we might not have realised till much later on… paying over the odds. BeeMyMinder allowed us to ‘calmly’ assess the market and choose a provider that would provide the best deal for us… a head of time.

Soon afterwards another BeeMyMinder SMS reminder came through; TV licence is due! This again is not a showstopper, the TV will keep running but we’ll be black-listed if we don’t pay it on time. In fact, it was due while we were away. So given BeeMyMinder gave as a 30 day reminder, we checked our bank account and made the necessary payment, online, ahead  of time, easy-peasy.

When I got back home I then saw the TV licencing email reminder, that was 14 days prior, but we didn’t get it while away. I have both SMS and e-mail reminders from BeeMyMinder and given I was not wanting to pick up e-mails the SMS alert was perfect.

Long story short.

If you are planning a holiday then sign-up to BeeMyMinder and get the reminders to your household policies and bills wherever you are in the world. Enjoy more stress-free holidays and if the unexpected occurs then at least you can get the ball rolling before you come back.

ALSO – keep an eye out for a new and improved BeeMyMinder product. It will make your life even easier.

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