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First off – Happy New Year to everyone, I hope you all enjoyed the festive period and it did not hit your wallets too hard!

It’s that time of the year when people make New Year resolutions, set goals and make commitments for the year ahead. However, how many of us actually succeed in sticking with them?

To make some reality it requires us to be smart and on top of our finances and for me I tend to review the year ahead and in addition to the regular outgoings identify major commitments that need funding. This can range from home renovations, a new car or in my case an extended holiday.

When is a holiday, not a holiday?

Trip booked, bags packed and you’re about to shut the front door ready for a well-earned break. Just before you do, you quickly ask yourself ‘have I forgotten anything?’ Many think travel documents, sun cream, mobile phone/tablet etc, but what about your bills? You might have your direct debits in place, but are any other agreements due to expire?

Truth is that when you are away your bills still need to be taken care of. Unless you are aware of this before leaving, you might not even know it’s going to occur! We don’t want our holidays interrupted or come back to an issue that could have been dealt with prior.

Traveling back to New Zealand to visit family and friends was a large obligation, not only financially (the flights are not cheap at Christmas time) but time off. So I needed to have my house in order.

The value of BeeMyMinder

For me a five week break to New Zealand meant the benefits of BeeMyMinder were evident.

By adding my polices and key bills, setting reminders and having easy access from wherever I am in the world made me more relaxed, in control and able to enjoy my time away.

For once I could travel knowing that no unexpected bills would occur and ruin my holiday. Having my partner’s policies shared between us provided the ‘belt and braces’ required for us to be 100% in control.

BeeMyMinder allowed me to confirm that

  • Adequate travel insurance was in place
  • Our mobile phones were covered with ‘WorldWide Traveller’
  • Home Insurance was valid for the holiday duration
  • Credit card payments were dealt with (Tip: clear or overpay before leaving)
  • Funds were in the right account to cover mortgage commitments
  • Gym memberships were frozen

What also become apparent is a car needed MOT, new insurance and road taxed while we were away. So we dealt with the first two prior (in our own time) and confirmed the online process for road tax while away. If not, we would have come back to an uninsured car not allowed to be driven.

While away BeeMyMinder also reminded me (via text and e-mail) that another policy is due to expire on the 11th February. Now that I’m back it’s time for me to search for the best and most appropriate deal.

Peace of Mind

Even though I spent months organising the trip, the itinerary, places to visit, accommodation, internal travel, who to see etc. it felt great to know that the home finances had been taken care of.

If you feel that you do not have a good handle on your household bills and your own personal outgoings, then BeeMyMinder can provide that support and reassurance that most people need to make this reality.

Make 2015 the year you take ownership of your policies and bills and free yourself from financial stress and uncertainty!

I hope you found this article interesting and how can be of value.

Wishing you all a very successful, satisfying and enjoyable 2015.

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Nigel Brokenshire


Nigel is the founder of BeeMyMinder. Developed from his own frustrations keeping on top of household/personal finances and dealing with piles of papers and associated documents.