Someday is not a day of the week!

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New Year, new plans, new goals… I’ll get onto them tomorrow. Tomorrow comes, I’ll do them next week… you see the pattern. It’s easy to procrastinate. I’m prone to it, we all are, so why do we keep putting things off till the last minute?

Do you set a goal AND achieve it?

Last year I set many goals, some I achieved, some I didn’t. Maybe we set too many goals, lose weight, get a new job, move house, start a family etc. These are big aims and when trying to balance it up with daily living can be difficult to attain.

Even when we set smaller more ‘achievable’ goals we still seem to miss them, only complete them in the last minute or not to the standard we’d hoped. Whether it’s clear the back garden, donate unwanted clothes to charity, do your self-assessment tax return early. My wife and I are still yet to do her online self-assessment…one week left and counting.

So why do we miss these more ‘achievable’ goals?

Most times it’s boring, tedious and the last thing we actually want to do. I’d rather do something that is interesting than spending an evening going through pay slips, bank statements, expenses etc to complete a tax return.

So what are your options?

  1. Ignore it. Well it just won’t get done and you’ll have sleepless nights, get stressed and potentially impact negatively on your finances e.g incur late penalties.
  2. Get someone else to do it? Most times it’s not really possible, or the person you hire e.g. clear your garden, paint your house, de-clutter your house still needs your guidance or oversight. Plus it costs.
  3. Learn for next time. Do it yourself but learn how it can be done easier, quicker and with more excitement!

Two years ago I realised I disliked the continuous build-up of household and personal paper, from energy statements, insurance policies, gym membership, MOT reminders, mortgage renewals, home broadband, phone… it went on and on.

I thought this can’t continue, so I set the goal to take control. I searched the internet for a product, didn’t find anything that met my requirements so in-turn developed BeeMyMinder. Online, secure storage, simple reminders and time deal with renewals.

I am now in complete control of my finances and empowered to further benefit my life each time I need to address a bill, policy or renewal an agreement.

I’m here to help

If you set a goal to take control of your household finances and looking at all the paperwork you have filed away and thinking, I’ll do that someday? Then don’t ignore it, use BeeMyMinder, it’s free and provides you the ability to do it once, learn the process and then apply it for next time.

If you think you do need some assistance (point 2 above) then contact me and I’d be willing to help you use BeeMyMinder (no obligation).

So what are my goals for 2016?

Again, I have set a few (less than last year) some personal, some family and some work related. One goal is to launch a new online proposition for businesses owners! Whether they are a start-up and wondering what to do, a few years into trading but struggling on business administration, or wanting to grow but hindered by poor business operations.

If you’re a business owner and this resonates with you, then contact me. You can be added to our pre-launch list!

Just remember, someday is not a day of the week!

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Nigel Brokenshire


Nigel is the founder of BeeMyMinder. Developed from his own frustrations keeping on top of household/personal finances and dealing with piles of papers and associated documents.