How to get organised this Summer

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For many of us, figuring out how to organise your paperwork can seem like an arduous task. All the bills, all the insurance documents, all the important reminders, they soon add up.

Here at BeeMyMinder, we love to help people become more organised, so we’ve put together our top tips for how to get organised this summer.

Save Secure Documents Online

It doesn’t have to be a hard process. With more and more companies offering the option to switch to paperless statements and communications, you need somewhere that’s safe to save your paper documents online.

This doesn’t mean that you have to go through all of your online bank accounts or credit cards and change your postal options: simply scan each physical document onto your computer.

Once they’ve been uploaded, rename them with the company name, month you received it, and what the document contains.

This process can be applied to both homeowners and businesses alike. You might be a small business and want to keep a record of all previous transactions. You might be a landlord or a renter who needs to safely store tenants documents online.

Organise for 30 minutes a day

Letting all the paperwork add up is never a good thing. What may have once been a few unopened letters can quickly become a jenga-pile of statements, post and scraps of paper.

Set time aside – maybe when you get back from work – to go through all your unorganised paperwork. If you set aside a small, manageable chunk of time and stick to it, it soon becomes part of your everyday routine.

Once you become accustomed to sorting through all your paperwork, then it soon becomes less of a task and more of an enjoyment. A tidy desk is a tidy mind after all.

Home or Away?

Nearly all of us love to travel. We love the sights, the sounds, the experiences and the people. What we don’t love is when things go wrong.

Our number one tip for travelling: store your travel insurance documents online. This may sound strange, but if you become stranded at a foreign airport and your luggage goes missing, what do you do? Panic would usually be the number one response.

Most airports or hotels abroad have access to the Internet, and if you’ve stored your travel insurance documents online you’ll have easy access to any information you need. This could range from the insurance providers details to the terms and conditions of your cover.

For more information on why you should store your travel documents online, then take a look here.

Set reminders

Organisation isn’t just needed for your paperwork; it’s needed for your mind as well. Modern-day life leaves you little time for yourself, and impending payment and renewal dates spring up on you sooner than you think.

Setting yourself reminders for policy renewal dates can save you money in the long run. It’s common knowledge, but if you remember when a policy is due for renewal then you can compare the market to try and find a better deal.

If you’re finding it hard to keep track of all the dates, specific amounts and over-all spend with your bills, then take a look here for more information on how to regain control of your spending.

Back up the most important paperwork

Have you ever experienced the horror of being asked for your specific membership or account number, and not knowing where it is? We think most people have, so make sure you back up your most important paperwork in one place.

This could be your mortgage agreement, home insurance documents or your motor insurance. Keeping your most important documents safely organised in one location minimises stress, and keeps them within easy reach for when you need them most.


So there we have it. Our top tips on how to become more organised this summer. If you’ve found your own ways of keeping on top of your paperwork, then we’d love to hear from you.

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