How to get organised this Summer

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For many of us, figuring out how to organise your paperwork can seem like an arduous task. All the bills, all the insurance documents, all the important reminders, they soon add up. Here at BeeMyMinder, we love to help people become more organised, so we’ve put together our top tips for how to get organised… Read More

It’s a boy

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If you have recently started a family (like I have) then it’s good to understand what government support is out there for you. Key are Child Benefit payments and in this blog I’ll quickly cover the main points so you know what it is, who gets it and what to do to claim. I’ll also… Read More

Top Tips for Cutting Holiday Costs

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If you’re planning a holiday this summer, then you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy your time away. From ever-popular “Stay-cations” to house swapping, you’ll always be able save money before travelling.   Here at BeeMyMinder, we understand the importance of financial planning, so we’ve collected some of our top tips for cutting… Read More

Costs of starting a family

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All going well, this time next month I’ll be a Dad. I’m excited about starting a family but also daunted about the sleepless nights. But one thing I won’t be losing sleep over is my household financials. I’ve looked into the future costs and started to plan now. Read on to learn my top tips… Read More

After a 100% home loan?

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Barclays bank has described their Family Springboard that offers a 100% home loan as a ”mortgage that allows family members to help each other get on or move up the property ladder”. Here at BeeMyMinder, we know that finances and getting a mortgage can be confusing, and that’s why we’ve decided to give you a… Read More