April VED Changes: How will the impact vehicle purchases

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In November 2016, we discussed that out of all of the costs to run a car, one of the most significant costs was that of insurance premium tax. Having risen to 10% in October 2016, our research found that by June 2017, it will be scheduled to increase once more to 12% on the back… Read More

The Holiday cues

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No, it’s not the Holiday Blues, but Holiday Cues. Why is that you may ask? Well on a recent overseas holiday I was notified of a few developments on the home front that unless I had BeeMyMinder I may have come unstuck. So if you go on holidays and want peace of mind about the… Read More

Ways to earn money online

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The Internet is fast becoming the best tool for those who want to top up their monthly income. All you have to do is a simple Google search and thousands upon thousands of websites pop up, each offering you different ways to earn money online. This month we’ve decided to create a list of some… Read More

How to save money on Valentines Day

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It’s that time of the year again. Shops and websites are stocked full of red roses, teddy bears holding cute messages suddenly appear in every window display, and restaurants are increasing their prices. It must be Valentines Day again. According to Linkdex, us romantic Britain’s are predicted to spend an eye-watering £1.9 billion on V-Day… Read More

2017 Feel the Pinch

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It is the start of a brand new year and many of us are back into the swing of things. Some might have set New Year resolutions, while others just want to get on with life. However, the financial back-drop for 2017 looks challenging and our household finances are going to ‘feel the pinch’? What… Read More