Top Tips for Back to School Savings

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It’s that time of year again, you’re nearing the end of the summer holidays and the back to school period is fast approaching.

Regardless of how many children you have, buying all the school supplies can be an expensive venture, especially when it comes to books, stationary and new uniforms. How do they grow so fast!

We like to help others save money, so keep reading on for our back to school saving tips.


Uniforms can be the most expensive bits of back to school apparel. From skirts to trousers, P.E kits to plimsolls, the options are endless, and the costs can soon add up.

Keep an eye out for offers or promotions running in-store. For example, when a 3 for 2 offer starts, buy 2 sets of clothing for the current year and buy a larger size for the future. Make sure you keep hold of your receipt in case you need an exchange or refund.

If you’re handy with a needle and thread, or a sewing machine, then you can buy one size larger than you need. Simply adjust the hem on skirts and trousers, and when your children grow you can let the hems out again.


Charity shops and online websites are Holy Grails when it comes to saving money on school supplies, especially schoolbooks.

Websites such as Ebay or Amazon have a vast selection of books available, both brand new and second hand. It’s worth taking note of the individual price of a book on each website (including any Postage and Packaging) so you can compare the market to get the best deal.

Some sellers on Ebay do offer a discount on multiple purchases, but don’t rush into buying. Take a step back and see whether you could save money elsewhere.

If you’ve managed to find out what books your children need in advance, then take a look around your charity shops.

Families with older children understand the costs involved when they start school, and most won’t throw out old books. Instead, they’ll donate them, meaning that charity shops have a regular supply of books available at discounted prices.


Stationary can be an on-going saga throughout the school year. You can guarantee that pens, pencils, rubbers and rulers will get lost or permanently borrowed throughout the school year, so it’s best to stock up before your children go back.

Before you jump in the car and head straight to your nearest poundshop, hunt around your house for any spare stationary. Pens, pencils, rubbers and sharpeners end up in the most unlikely of places, so collect them all together and take note of anything you’re running low on.

If you do have to visit the shops, make sure that you buy in bulk, and keep a supply in a safe place in your house. It may seem excessive at the time, but buying boxes of pens and pencils to keep in reserve will save both time and money in the long run.

Create an inventory

Taking the time to prepare in advance can help save money on back to school supplies. It doesn’t have to be a detailed list, but going shopping is a lot more cost effective if you’re not buying duplicate items. Things to list could include:

  • Pens (plain and coloured)
  • Pencils (plain and coloured)
  • Rubbers
  • Scrap paper
  • Pencil cases
  • Notebooks
  • Ring binders and folders
  • Highlighters

Most people wouldn’t go food shopping without making a list first, and the same rules should apply to back to school supplies too. Take inventory, go shopping and stick to your list.

Time it Right

Timing is crucial when it comes to saving money on back to school equipment.

Retailers nearly always slash prices the nearer it gets to the school year starting, so if you want to wait until a few days before the kids go back, then you could save a lot of money.

This doesn’t just apply to stationary and books; it can be the same for uniform, shoes and schoolbooks too. If you know exactly what you need and it’s nothing too specific, then you could be saving huge amounts by waiting until the very last minute.


So there we have it, our top tips on back to school saving. Have we missed anything out? How do you save money in the back to school build-up? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so get in touch with us here.

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