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After having double paid for landlord insurance and driving while uninsured I thought ‘something must change’ in how I organise my life. Whether it is sticky notes, a spreadsheet, calendar reminders or a combination, we all struggle to stay on top of our household finances.

Being stressed at work is bad enough, but being stressed at home is worse.

Paper, paper everywhere

With everything going online and being digitalised in some way or form, why is it that every policy my wife and I have are all filed away in folders, clogging up my study?

Automation and going digital is supposed to make our lives easier and less complicated so why this ongoing sole dependency on paper policies and various attempts to set related reminders?!

Easy to store, easy to add, easy to read… easy to make a decision

After looking online I couldn’t find a solution that I could easily use to meet my requirements and address my concerns:

  • Is there no safe online place I can store my main policies?
  • Where it is easy to add and quick to find?
  • Allowing me to better understand my needs and provide me enough time and information to make an informed decision?

This is why BeeMyMinder came about, an online service that does the above and to help provide peace of mind.

BeeMyMinder went live in July 2014. Since then I’ve personally added 19 policies, renewed 3 new policies, shared 7 policies and had 4 shared with me. I now feel more confident and on top of my main financial commitments.

Home is where the hive is.

Our home and family are the most important things in our lives and as the saying goes: home is where the heart is. For bees their homes are their hives.  So the concept is that BeeMyMinder is the hive for your home.

Whether that’s your house (bricks and mortar), your possessions (insurance), your family members (family protection) etc, BeeMyMinder is about you taking control of your hive and in doing so saving you time and offering more financial freedom.

Peoples’ households (hives) are full of different priorities, stresses and issues whether you are a first time home owner, newlyweds, a full and active family, or a pensioner.

BeeMyMinder likes to take the sting out of financial decision making. Let’s spread the buzz.

You can follow me on twitter @nigebrokenshire and for hints / tips and updates @beemyminder

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Nigel Brokenshire


Nigel is the founder of BeeMyMinder. Developed from his own frustrations keeping on top of household/personal finances and dealing with piles of papers and associated documents.