How to save money on Valentines Day

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It’s that time of the year again. Shops and websites are stocked full of red roses, teddy bears holding cute messages suddenly appear in every window display, and restaurants are increasing their prices. It must be Valentines Day again. According to Linkdex, us romantic Britain’s are predicted to spend an eye-watering £1.9 billion on V-Day… Read More

2017 Feel the Pinch

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It is the start of a brand new year and many of us are back into the swing of things. Some might have set New Year resolutions, while others just want to get on with life. However, the financial back-drop for 2017 looks challenging and our household finances are going to ‘feel the pinch’? What… Read More

How to increase savings in 2017

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For many, the New Year brings a repetitive list of resolutions, and to increase savings is nearly always top of the list. From cutting back on eating out to storing bills online, there’s so many ways you can achieve your savings goals. The Money Advice Services undertook a study into the nations’ saving habits, and their findings showed… Read More

Time for reflection

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Many people are in the midst of Christmas and looking forward to spending time with loved ones and wondering what the New Year will bring for them. Some start early and work on plans for 2017 to ensure they achieve their goals. Whether financial, personal, professional etc. It’s also a good time for you to… Read More

How to Save Money for Christmas

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  Tis (nearly) the season to be spending, and many households in the UK feel the financial pinch come the New Year. Analysing the spending habits of the UK, over the Christmas period in 2015, the total sales rose to £75.96bn, with online shopping equating almost a quarter (24.4%) of sales. Here at BeeMyMinder, we… Read More