BeeAware of Ransomware

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As we become more digitally enabled, the concerns about how secure your information is increases. The recent worldwide cyber-attack is a fine example of the potential risk. Understand what happened and be informed on what BeeMyMinder has put in place to help combat this, but also your role to be safe while online.   Ransomware… Read More

Life as an Entrepreneur

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I’m not even sure if I can call myself an entrepreneur. However, if you recognise an entrepreneur as someone who believes in an idea, takes the leap of faith to try and make it happen (whether successful or not) then I think I’m one. Read on as I outline my journey thus far, provide some helpful… Read More

Money saving tips for landlords

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Despite the rise in stamp duty for investors in the buy-to-let market, many still see property as an extremely attractive investment. However, the costs can soon start to rise, especially if you’re a first time investor. This month we’ve created a list of money saving tips for landlords, ideal for first-timers and serial-buyers alike. These… Read More

The Holiday cues

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No, it’s not the Holiday Blues, but Holiday Cues. Why is that you may ask? Well on a recent overseas holiday I was notified of a few developments on the home front that unless I had BeeMyMinder I may have come unstuck. So if you go on holidays and want peace of mind about the… Read More

Ways to earn money online

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The Internet is fast becoming the best tool for those who want to top up their monthly income. All you have to do is a simple Google search and thousands upon thousands of websites pop up, each offering you different ways to earn money online. This month we’ve decided to create a list of some… Read More