The results are in!

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Understanding our customers further and improving our services are equally crucial to us. We thought what a better way to do this than through an interesting questionnaire. We wanted to know our customers thoughts and the survey collated lots of interesting stats. Rather than simply telling you them, we thought an engaging infographic represented the… Read More

How you can save on money on Winter Travel Insurance

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Heading off on a winter holiday this year? Or perhaps you are super organised and planning in advance for next year? Well don’t forget your travel insurance! Of course, you can head away with no insurance at all, but at BeeMyMinder, we highly discourage you from doing this. Travel insurance can reimburse you for a… Read More

We’ve made things better!

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We’re always up for improving our services and that includes how our customers use our website. Over the past couple of months we’ve made some changes to our website to improve our customer’s experience and we’re so happy with them. We’re always thinking about the client’s experience, so we reviewed the site to make it… Read More

Trusting a website with your data

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Is BeeMyMinder safe? A question I’ve been asked before and one I tend to respond to by asking them “how do you know other sites are safe?” The usual response is, “well… they just are”, or “I actually don’t know”. I have some fundamental rules I follow to make my online experience more secure and… Read More

Me and BeeMyMinder

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After having double paid for landlord insurance and driving while uninsured I thought ‘something must change’ in how I organise my life. Whether it is sticky notes, a spreadsheet, calendar reminders or a combination, we all struggle to stay on top of our household finances. Being stressed at work is bad enough, but being stressed… Read More