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10 hidden costs involved in buying a house

Whether you’re buying your first home, downsizing or hunting for an investment opportunity, there are always hidden costs that you need to be aware of. That’s why this month we’ve created a list of 10 costs that could catch you out when you’re buying a home.   During the buying process Conveyance fees Your solicitor… Read More

Why you need to start a pension from an early age

In recent years, the average retirement age has increased and these days, the younger generation are now expected to have a working life of around 50 years. That’s why this month we wanted to highlight some of the main ways you can save, and how you’ll benefit later in life. But before we begin, we’ve… Read More

How to get the best deal on your Internet and phone package

For many of us, the Internet in our homes is an integral part of everyday life. However, there are often substantial costs that come with unlimited Netflix streaming and multiple users. These costs can soon add up, and this can cause unnecessary financial strain on the bill payer. That’s why this month we’ve pooled our… Read More

How much could your New Year resolutions save you – infographic

We all know that the New Year brings new resolutions, but if we knew the financial gains with keeping these resolutions, do you think we’d be able to stick with them? We do, so that’s why we’ve created this infographic to highlight just how much you could save by keeping your New Year resolutions.  … Read More

New Year Money Saving Resolutions

We all know someone who sets an unrealistic resolution for the New Year, and chances are these resolutions will soon be forgotten. If you’re making your own resolutions, why not focus your efforts on something different? Instead of aiming to swim with dolphins, write a best selling novel or scale Mount Everest, focus on setting… Read More